Company Overview
We are a mission-driven organization that provides meaningful and prestigious employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, veterans, wounded warriors, and the economically disadvantaged.
  • Headquartered in New Britain, Connecticut, CW is recognized as a national organization that provides exceptional products and services to the federal government and state and commercial customers. We provide program, vocational, educational, and recreational services and activities, vocational counseling and evaluations, development of job-seeking skills, and community employment (competitive or supportive for persons and veterans with disabilities.)
  • CW envisions an American society where persons with disabilities and the economically challenged enjoy the results of integrated vocational training and are valued and empowered as employees. The principal characteristic of this society will be the opportunity for people to make and exercise individual choices concerning their own lives, welfare, and personal dignity.


  • CW is dedicated to providing and creating employment opportunities and occupational skills training for those individuals who are physically, developmentally, emotionally, and/or socio-economically challenged.


  • Empowering through Employment
  • Connecting through Diversity
  • Respecting through Empathy
  • Belonging through Inclusion
  • Advocating for Equality
  • Delivering Success through Our Core Values

We empower you to be your best!

  • Be a part of a team where employment connects communities and provides you with a pathway forward!
Company Summary
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(860) 229-7700
200 Myrtle Street
New Britain, CT